People take being well liked and popular for granted. Those who are rarely have compassion for those who are not because they are so caught up with their own lives. Sometimes even those who were once alone don’t have compassion either, because thank god its not them anymore. But those who continually are forgotten have compassion.


The worst is when you once belonged, but now no longer. Because its a result of betrayal. You know what its like to be remembered. Then to be mysteriously forgotten.



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it was a year ago today. I was waking up in jojo's spare room, hungover. I never thought I would only feel like that again twice from then to now. I thought life was so perfect then. I was happy, but in denial about my place with b&b. it felt like yesterday though, but at the same time it feels like an eternity away. I think I've been socially numb this year.
,I spent a lot of time grieving and being angry because as I've said before, I invested so much energy into this friendship. it wasn't until recently that I had a lightbulb moment. i've allowed myself to let go and forgive him.
and now, I'm free, and I'm happy. I'm on good terms with Blake, maybe it's because he noticed my change of attitude or what, but even if he does go all shitty on me again, I will not let it phase me. because I've learnt not to let my happiness depend on something so precarious. my social status in high school means nothing in the grand spectrum of life. although I would like to know why I'm invited to some things and not others.


in terms of ballet, this her has gone really slow. not in a bad way at all! I've felt I've accomplished so much, and I can'


Late Starter Blues

I hate the term 'late starter'. Even more so, I hate that I'm a late starter. I wish I was in like year 9. I wish I could re-do my 15th year and that I at least started ballet at a better school. I wish I knew better. I wish I realised earlier. I wish I wasn't in year 12 now because I need to make up for lost time. Because now I'm barely taken seriously, by anyone. I've missed so many opportunites and it kills me because I feel so unfulfilled. Then my teacher goes and brands me as an 'older person' which I absolutely despised. I got put in a shit role because of all this. That's why I want to move. This school used to make me so happy before 'older' people started to come. Maybe this new girl will end up being like me and be as serious and driven about ballet as I am, but I hate being branded with these people when I've worked so much harder then they have. I work so hard and I never get noticed. Never have, it's never been my thing. I want to do my G6 exam in April next year so much because I need to get out of it. I'm not ashamed to say that I need evidence that I am better. This sounds so selfish and horrible but I just need something to show for how hard I work. 
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Writer's Block: Collect 'em all

Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect, and what made you start your collection?

Coca cola cans and bottles! Idk, i used to get Diet Coke in a can a lot and I liked how they looked. So I just started putting them on my bookshelf. So I started looking for uncommon coca cola things like bottles and extra large cans. Also things like Vanilla Diet Coke and Cherry coke. Its cool.
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Writer's Block: Get up

If you had to eat the same breakfast everyday for a year (and it would be prepared and served to you), what would you choose?

Cheerios. I lovee them. I only really cereal & toast when it comes to breakfast. I hate eating like waffles, bacon and eggs etc. for breakfast. blegh i just don't like it. but i love pancakes. yyuuummm!!
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Writer's Block: Higher state of consciousness

What movies do you like to watch and what kind of munchies do you like to scarf down when you're enjoying some free time?

I absolutely love 'chick flicks', Romantic Comedies, any movie involving dance or ice-skating, and Princess Diaries movies.

My favourite movies of all time are:
Mean Girls
Centre Stage
Black Swan
&The Princess Diaries movies

I like to eat chips (especially the chick red rock deli ones) and cheezels. Yummm :)
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